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Quick2Discover became a registered partner of Qlik in 2016 in order to make use of Qlik’s intuitive platform solutions for self-service data visualisation, guided analytics applications and embedded analytics which are already used by approximately 40,000 customers world wide.

“Qlik was founded on one simple belief – Business Intelligence (BI) is optimised by harnessing human intelligence, the collective intelligence of people. We believe that data is nothing more than a source, and that BI, analytics tools and technologies are only as effective as those that use them. That’s why we’ve built a new breed of visual analytics solutions – to bring out the best in the people that use them. Simply put, our focus is to amplify human intelligence”

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Quick2Discover uses the Qlik platform to connect to data from one or many sources and build visualisations that provide rapid insight for clients. One such data source can be a Data Warehouse (DWH) and if your strategy involves a new DWH then we would recommend bringing in Traverse. We can then add a visualisation layer that sits on top / across that DWH.

Established in 2007 and with offices in the UK and Canada, Traverse craft intelligent automation solutions to eliminate task and data overload.  These solutions, coupled with our visualisations, enable clients to focus on growing their business:

“Renowned in travel for our automation and analytical solutions, having delivered some of the largest data migration projects in the industry.  We have in-depth knowledge and experience of automating hundreds of complex, challenging, manual tasks for our customers to save them time, money and resource.”

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