Health Checks

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Health Checks

Quick2Discover provides a service of reviewing your current processes around reporting, Management Information, Visual Dashboards, to help you improve ways of establishing insight from your data.

We look at the method that you use to produce reports, listen to any issues that you currently have with reporting or decision making, discuss where you would like to be and your desired timescales.

If you already have a data warehouse and/or a dashboard solution in place then we can review that also, looking at the technical way that it has been put together as well as the user interface, design and layout etc. together with your organisation’s definition of measures and metrics.

We then provide a Health Check Report for you in which we would:

  • confirm our understanding of your business; your current reporting model; issues and your requirements for the future
  • highlight where we can see problems or possible inconsitencies in your reports and also where applying industry best practice would immediately give you an improvement
  • suggests quick wins
  • explain what steps are needed to advance your organisation to a position where you have exemplary reporting and data visualisations so that you are better informed and can have confidence in decision making based on newly visible trends

We also advise how we can help you along this suggested path of improvement (if we can) with likely timescales and costs, and if we are unable to help then we can usually recommend a partner or other provider in the Business Intelligence industry who could.